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Caring For Your Flowers

31 January 2013 - Wholesale Flowers, Wedding Flowers, Flower Facts

When you receive your flowers from Dutch Flower Auction Direct, they will be dry packed in boxes.  

Remember your flowers have been bought from the Auction, packaged just for you and have come all the way from Holland.  This might make some flowers look differently to what you would expect but do not worry!  Dry packing flowers is the safest method of transportation, however some flowers may be delivered with their own individual vials of water attached to the stem.  

Have some buckets of water ready to put the flowers in when they arrive.  Upon receipt of your flowers unpack immediately and remove all the packaging. Then remove the lower leaves from the flowers and cut the stems at an angle.You won't need to cut any more than an inch or so from the stem.  Place all the flowers in water and store away from radiators, drafts or direct sunlight.

 Try to leave the flowers in water for as long as possible to allow them to have a good drink.

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Nina Pratt said
15 April 2015 @ 21:48

will it be better to put flowers in large containers so that they are completely covered with water?

Abigail Broderick said
16 April 2015 @ 08:08

Hi Nina, any kind of bucket or container that can hold water should be fine. Make sure the flowers have support from the edges of the container though to keep them upright. Abi @ DFAD

Cris Arcangel said
14 December 2014 @ 12:38

My flowers are arriving on the 19th, they are for the christmas dinner table. Would they still be okay, im just worried they will be past their best on the 25th of December.

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