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Conditioning Your Flowers

16 April 2015 - Wedding Flowers, Wholesale Flowers, Flower Facts

Conditioning your flowers is vitally important and not an element to be skipped past or taken lightly. As most of you are ordering flowers for wedding, funerals and special events, conditioning your flowers correctly will make them last longer and look even better. Nobody wants wilted flowers on their wedding day so follow these simple steps to condition your flowers and you can't go wrong.

When your flowers are bought from Auction, they are dry packed in Holland. This means the flowers are without water for their journey. This can make the flowers look a little different to how you may expect but it is the safest way to travel them and once conditioned you will be amazed by the transformation.

Step 1

Your flowers are arriving today. Make sure you have plenty of buckets or containers ready for the flowers to go in. Fill 2/3 of the buckets with fresh tap water and set aside. Make sure your buckets are in a cool place away from direct sunlight, radiators and fruit as these factors can all have a detrimental effect on your flowers. It is beneficial to add flower food to the water but if you don't have any then one teaspoon of sugar per quart of water and a couple of drops of bleach is just as good. This gives the flowers the nutrients they need while also removing and harmful bacteria from the water or container.

Step 2

Your flowers have arrived. Now is the time to work quickly and carefully. Remove the flowers from the box one bunch at a time. The bunches will be fastened together and most likely wrapped in paper to keep them safe. Remove all of these and lay the flowers down on a flat surface. Pick up your first stem and remove all the lower leaves that would come into contact with water when put into your conatiner. Many leaves can be removed by hand but you may need a stem stipper for those with tough stems or thorns. If leaves did come into contact with water they would rot, encouraging bacteria and shortening the life span of your flowers. Be careful not to damage the stem while doing this.

Step 3

Once the leaves are removed, now is the time to cut the stem. Use the sharpest scissors you can find or secateurs to cut approximately 1 inch from the base of the stem. Cut on a 45 degree angle making the cut as clean as possible. As soon as you have cut the stem put it into water. The longer it is without water, the more air the stem will take in restricting the flow of water. Repeat this process with all of your flowers making sure they are not too crowded in the buckets.

Step 4

Leave your flowers for as long as possible to have a good drink. We recommend delivery 2-3 days before your event to allow time for the flowers to drink and start to open up. Ideally condition the flowers as soon as they arrive with you and leave them overnight before starting any arrangements. This will make the flowers stronger and happier.

If you have any questions about conditioning your flowers send us an email or call us on 01914874202.


Jennie McKernan said
18 May 2015 @ 16:04

Good advice thank you

02 May 2015 @ 08:50

Very helpful tips

25 April 2015 @ 10:25

excellent information for anyone working with flowers.

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