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Most Popular Roses

15 June 2017 - Wedding Flowers, Wholesale Flowers

Overall, the majority of our customers come to us looking for roses.  They are by far the most popular flower that we source from the Dutch flower auctions and send across the UK.  Roses are extremely popular for wedding flowers, with many brides wanting entire bouquets from stunning large headed roses and rightly so.  They are beautiful, exquisite flowers and come in so many different varieties.

We have collated 5 of the most popular wedding roses below; they're not in any order as we think they all deserve to be number one!

Avalanche Roses

The florist favourite when it comes to large headed roses.  Available in a beautifully toned white/ivory with large, gentle-pointed petals.  Some other members of the Avalanche family are Peach, Pearl, Magical and pictured below is Sweet Avalanche.



Grand Prix Roses


 Grand Prix roses are most commonly seen around Valentine's Day.  They are the nation's favourite red rose and symbolise love and devotion.  They are an impressive size and shape and a brilliant shade of deep red.


Heaven Roses


Heaven roses are the most popular pink roses available to buy from the auctions.  They are such a delightful shade that they match, compliment and tone so easily with a variety of colours.


Memory Lane Roses


Memory Lane roses are officially classed as a lilac rose, a colour that is few and far between in stunning large headed roses.  This is our favourite example and incredibly popular for vintage weddings.

memory lane

Vendela Roses


Vendela roses are a beautiful off-white rose with an exquisite soft peach tone.  They have large flower heads and look incredible when used as wedding flowers and for table centrepieces at special events.


If this wasn't inspiration enough, you can view all of our available roses by clicking here.


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