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Sweet Sunflowers

04 June 2018 - Wholesale Flowers

sunflowers wholesale

Right now, we are at the height of Sunflower season. There are so many different Sunflower varieties to choose from and they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. We are able to source a wide variety of Sunflowers ranging in height, size and colour; all at wholesale market prices.

Some Sunflowers are now available all year round even though their peak season is June - October. The Sunflowers sourced over the winter months tend to be imported from Israel and they have smaller stems than the Dutch. Sunflowers tend to have one flower head per stem.

Sunflowers are known within the trade as Helianthus and this name comes from the greek 'helios' meaning sun and 'anthos' meaning flower - originally derived from the habit of these flowers following the sun.

Here are the main Sunflowers to keep an eye out for:


This is probably the most popular Sunflower - it has a large, striking head and is bold in colour. Sunrich can be found in orange, gold, lemon and lime. Sunrich Sunflowers have a darker centre and traditional petals.

sunrich sunflowers



This is the mini Sunflower variety that a lot of you are choosing for wedding flowers. Small and much more delicate than the larger varieties; Sonja is a delight.



Teddy Bear

These Sunflowers are amazing! Large and fluffy its easy to see where they get their name from. Usually a very bright yellow or orange colour, they sometimes have a green centre. Teddy Bear Sunflowers are a big hit.

teddy bear sunflower



Prado Red Sunflowers are a wonderful member to the Helianthus family. They are usually a deep red colour with an even darket centre.

prado red sunflower


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