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Our normal delivery days are Wednesday to Friday but we are also able to deliver on a Saturday for an additional charge.  We recommend that you get your flowers delivered 2-3 days prior to the date of the event you need them for.  Experience shows that it is best to have extra time just in case.  All shipments are made on express delivery services.

Dutch Flower Auction Direct is not responsible for late shipments OR damage due to omissions and external causes including weather conditions (extreme heat or cold, etc.), wrong address, delivery without signature, interruptions or any failure of performance whether or not resulting from acts of God, theft, destruction and other causes.

It is essential that you are present at the time of delivery.  A signature will be required before the flowers can be left.  This will not change irrelevant of the circumstances.  If flowers cannot be delivered for this reason, Dutch Flower Auction Direct cannot be held responsible for the condition of the flowers when they do arrive.

Trade Accounts

Trade accounts are only available to members of the floristry trade.  If you are a florist, events planner or organiser etc then please register for a trade account.  If you are part of any other trade that is not related to floristry in any way, your application for a trade account will be denied and you will be transferred to a standard account.  Dutch Flower Auction Direct holds the right to decide eligibility for trade accounts. 

Product and Prices

Actual product may have some differences to the pictures shown on the website. We make every effort to be accurate, but variation is the norm with Mother Nature.  Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.

Substitution Policy

While we make every effort to provide the exact flower you order, sometimes a substitution may be required to assure your flowers are delivered on time.  If so, we are careful to make your order as close to your original choice as possible, even if this means substituting for flowers of a greater value. While our goal is to always keep you informed, we may ship a substitution without confirmation from you.  Your order shows acceptance of this policy.  Even if we have confirmed your order, due to the nature of dealing with agricultural products and international deliveries, there is always a possibility an order may not be filled.  Dutch Flower Auction Direct will only credit the amount of the undelivered order and will not be held liable for any inconveniences arising from these events.

Claims and Credit Requests

If you are not satisfied with you flowers, please call Dutch Flower Auction Direct IMMEDIATELY after opening your shipment.  All claims regarding flower quality must be reported by phone and email within 12 hours of receipt of product.  Digital pictures of ALL the flowers you are claiming, as well as the box and all box labels, are required.  Pictures should include a close up of the product, as well as a more panoramic or larger view of the product showing the bunches in question.  Claims made after 24 hours of receipt of product will NOT be accepted.  We may ask for return of the flowers to process your claim.

Complaints will not be accepted for issues relating to the stems of flowers unless in exceptional circumstances. Our guarantee only covers damage to the bloom/flower head in question. Complaints concerning part of the order supplied cannot be a cause for rejecting the entire order.  We make every effort to provide the exact flower you order.  If in the rare event that high demand, crop failures or poor weather conditions prevent the availability of an exact flower, we may substitute other similar flower varieties.  Although our system has confirmed your order in dealing with agricultural products and international deliveries there is always a possibility an order may not be filled.  Dutch Flower Auction Direct will only credit the amount of the undelivered order and will not be held liable for any inconveniences arising from these events.

Dutch Flower Auction Direct will not be responsible for products mishandled by customers.  Complete care instructions are posted on our website.  It is the customer's responsibility to know how to properly care for the products they are ordering. 

If you need to file a claim, please call us immediately on 0191 3401009 AND send an email to

Missing Flowers

In the event that part of your order is missing, notify us immediately by phone and email. Dutch Flower Auction Direct will check with the auctions to verify the packing of your box. If there is a discrepancy, Dutch Flower Auction Direct will reimburse the customer the value of the missing items per the pricing on the order. Dutch Flower Auction Direct will not be responsible for replacing missing items from your local floral suppliers.

Payment and Cancellations

Card payments are charged at the moment of placing the order. Approved claims will be credited back to the charge card after the complaint is settled. Any cancellation may be subject to a processing fee of 20% of your total bill.  No cancellations will be accepted 5 days prior to your delivery date.  At that time orders will already be scheduled with the auctions and growers and will not be available for sale to other customers.

Care and Handling of Flowers

Dutch Flower Auction Direct is not responsible for improper care and handling of the product after you receive them.  For your convenience you can find flower instructions for care and handling on our website.  

Changes to an Order

If you wish to change your order you must do so at least 5 days prior to your desired delivery date. We may not be able to process changes to your order without 5 days’ notice.


Dutch Flower Auction Direct is dedicated to shipping only the freshest, finest quality flowers available.  Please follow carefully the Flower Care Instructions for your flowers within a few hours of receipt.  Remember that most flowers are shipped in dry pack and will look very different when you first receive them than they will after you take the simple steps to rehydrate them.

Remember: fresh flowers are a product of Nature.  Therefore, they will always exhibit natural variations in colours, shapes and even spots.  Our Guarantee does not cover these natural variations and imperfections.  Florists deal with these everyday and often don't use all the individual flowers in a bunch in their designs.  Some flowers, like roses, are covered with "guard" petals on the outside of the bloom.  Guard petals are damaged during the growing process and need to be removed.  This is natural and to be expected.

Dutch Flower Auction Direct ships only the finest in online wholesale flowers and wedding flowers.  Orders are individually processed and hand-packed for you.  Our customers should expect only the highest quality fresh cut flowers and first class service with every order.

Dutch Flower Auction Direct will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages, damage to the products as a result of being left in inclement weather, freezing or hot temperatures, damage to products as a result of prolonged travel times caused by the customer not being present, shipper delays, delays as a result of Customs and Agricultural inspections, or acts of God.

Remember: fresh flowers are highly perishable, time-sensitive products which require different handling than other goods.

Your decision to purchase from Dutch Flower Auction Direct confirms your acknowledgment and acceptance of our policies.

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